On Tue, May 19, 2009 at 08:29, Shawn K. Hall <> wrote:
> If the user has the file association for that extension set to the 32bit
> version, it should load that. Also, if they do not WANT to associate
> that extension, they could use another custom extension and create that
> association. This for localprefs.js:
>  pagetemplate="dqsd.32bitie";

Nice! It's a workaround if ever I saw one, but it should work :-)

>> There's also the problem with IE's security features; depending on
>> where from a page is launched, it may get the lockdown restrictions,
>> and the browser will run in a cramped mode.
> Yep. I wonder if the "-embedding" switch would assist in this?

I don't know anything about the -embedding switch. I should read up...

- Kim

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