Very curious indeed.

    I opened that '02 file and it is doing exactly what
    the file says to do which isn't the right syntax
    to go straight to the movie typed as an argument.

    I'll do what you suggest and see what I come
    up with.

    This is pretty amazing stuff for me, more of a
    hardware guy than a software guy ! !

    Thanx for your help.


Kim Gräsman wrote:
Hi George,

On Mon, Mar 1, 2010 at 18:17, George Hitz <> wrote:
    My /searches/imdb.xml file is dated 8/29/2002 ! !


    Since I uninstalled and reinstalled dqsd.exe wouldn't
    the newer XML file have installed?

It most definitely should, I'm not sure what could've gone wrong
there... Maybe if you picked up an imdb.xml manually from the list at
some point, and copied it into your install directory, then the
uninstaller might not delete it, since it differs from what the
installer put there. But that's just a theory.

I wonder if you could do the uninstall again, and then go back and
check which files remain in the searches directory. The entire
searches directory should disappear on uninstall, but if it doesn't,
you should be able to delete it manually.

Then re-install, and you would get all the latest searches.

Hope that helps,
- Kim


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