OK Kim,

    I did install the 4.1 beta and of course it works.
    The "notes" even mention "fixing" imdb or words
    to that effect.

    I always stayed away from v4.1 because it talked
    about 64b support but never mentioned continued
    32b support. I'm just naive enough think it takes two
    programs - one 32b, one 64b - which I have
    discovered is not true. I am not a software guru,
    for sure.

    I still have the erroneous result from "check for
    update ..." but that is a "don't care" - just a

    Thanks again for your help along the way. I
    find dqsd to be a fantastic program and would
    be "lost" without it as I prove every time I go
    to friends computer.


Kim Gräsman wrote:
Hi George,

On Mon, Mar 1, 2010 at 20:47, George Hitz <h...@hitz.org> wrote:

    I did the UNinstall and ALL the files in /searches

    I then downloaded and installed dqsd.exe v4.0.0.6
    from the dqsd.net website.

    The same (old) imdb.xml is in that bundle and
    does what it says to do, but isn't the right
    "search" which as we know, should yield a
    specically called out movie.

Right you are -- I double-checked the details, and the imdb fix went
in just after the release of

You could get the beta, which contains a working imdb search.

Hopefully we can find some time to get out a proper 4.1 release, the
beta has been dangling forever.

- Kim


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