Hi Jeremy, and all,

 I would suggest this [below (3) ] be either re-worded or placed under the
criteria for adequate compliance of history-of-dreamwork:

AS Stated:
"(3) Any program training people to work with dreams should have a 
fundamental component addressing the universal human process of unconscious 
"projection". This tranining component should include material relating to 
projection both as a major element in the creation of the manifest content of 
the dream itself, as well as a primary factor in the subsequent exploration 
and work with any dream or dream series."

   Is this a major principle or a specialized sub-principle?  It seems to
me that when we unfold our expectations of what will constitute adequate
coverage under the "History of Dreamwork", that this could go there quite

  As a major principle this imports the language and culture of 19th - 20th
Century psychotherapy and turns a technical psychological term into
something else that is not clear to me in this context.  Although
projection is a general English word and has become popular to use in some
circles, I feel the way its being used here with unconscious is confusing.
I would also drop the word "unconscious".  

   An acceptable alternative is to develop dreamwork jargon, and define the
terms within this context.  

  I feel this project has in it a positive push towards building a standard
that ~could~ be used and applied by *any* program wishing to have dreamwork
training program that is sophisticated, ethical and ecclectic.  There are
psychotherapies now that find the word "unconscious" problematic and have
dropped it as well. 

++ Richard

"If this were my dream education program...."

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