> I must admit the
>  hours-on-end of EU only on the low bands got very tiring very
>  quickly.

And yet they've made about a fifth of the QSOs with EU than they have
with NA on 160m and just 2/3 the number of QSOs with EU as they have
with NA on 80m.  Go figure.

In the meantime, poor ZS's get stuck with a "whisper" and no one
straining to hear them in particular.

VP6DX has too loud of a signal on 160m and 80m in the states to NOT
stand by for other areas.  Everyone with 30W radiated power and a
passing interest seems to be able to work them on 160 and 80, which is
awesome, but that's an awful lot of people compared to the usual crew
vying for TB and 80m QSOs.

Peter, I'm sort of interested in seeing how this discussion plays out
on a reflector with some international participants ;-)  I don't know
if you saw but the original poster KA3NRX in the epic eHam thread
managed to snag himself an 80m QSO (with 100W + G5RV I do believe)...
despite the frequent and thorough EU EU EU EU.

The way the QSO stats and my personal experiences watching people work
this one have played out, the only people in North America adversely
affected by VP6DX's incessant EU'ing are the terminally impatient and
those who are scared of being awake after dark.

And in reference to the original post, Charles,  I did witness VP6DX
on 160m calling for "EU/SA" at least... guess that was last night.
Not very often you get anyone calling for South America unless they're
an EU guy looking for better lowband DX than us stupid W3's ;-)

I'm sure the UA4's and OH's SM's and LA's who get approximately 30
minutes of propagation to VP6DX on 160m would love to stand by for the
first five hours of a nine to twelve hour mutual darkness with great
propagation listening to an excellent signal they're not supposed to
call.  I'm sure the Africans who get even less propagation wouldn't
mind a standby for them... but if there are so few of them as to make
the rate *zero* on the average attempt, it's unlikely they're going to
get much window.

I'm sure satisfied with my 11 band slots worked at quasi-convenient
hours with 100W from a 50x100 foot lot in the DC suburbs with no
tower... and no one was "spoonfeeding" me.

You can continue to think that it should just be "strong vs. weak"
without an appreciation of how much stronger a fairly weak NA could be
in VP6 than a moderately strong EU but I think it's going to get you
some bad karma Re: some very needed SE Asian expedition that just
works JA's all day ;-)

"I sincerely doubt we'll ever see six
hours-on-end, every day, of "NA only, EU-stand-by" when a DXpedition
starts up from some place where propagation to EU is better than it is to NA."

That would appear to be a different issue than your other objection,
that no one should be "spoon-fed"


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