>If an operation decides to do anything other than general calls then
>by continent is fair -- just alternate regularly so one side doesn't
>feel like they're getting the short-end

I think the issue here is ops who *feel* they're getting the short end
vs. ops who *are* getting the short end.  I personally think VP6DX is
striking the perfect balance between EU and NA and it's reflected in
the stats.  They're giving a very fair shot to DXers in those two
areas based on their knowledge of propagation.

Go look at the stats page and tell me who's missing out on VP6DX QSOs.

Now the points you guys are making certainly extend to DX that isn't
quite as  good at knowing how to balance propagation vs. open calling
so maybe that's an issue, but I think VP6DX has it down cold.

Anyone know of a table of # of hams per continent so we can normalize
the VP6DX stats table to reflect per capita QSOs?  Would be
interesting in discussing the original question.

- - - -- - --

Peter, I'm with you on by-the-numbers.  There are lots of reasons but
I rarely hear it going really, really well.

And I understand that the waiting that probably makes people freak out
in by-the-numbers pileups could be totally unbearable if you spend
your precious 40m operating time listening to the big signal of VP6DX
going "EU EU EU" but that's different... but that's your decision to
make and I feel that there's plenty of precedent and plenty of
information on the internet for you to realize that until 0500 or 0600
or 0800 or so you're not going to get a shot.

NA DXer, do you really, really, really want a 40m QSO?  Don't sit
there fuming while they call EU, drink a half gallon of water or set
your alarm, go to bed, get up at 0900Z, work them in two calls and go
back to bed.

I've seen a fair number of comments on the cluster from people who are
just crouched over the radio in their presumably precious operating
time getting upset and tired because they're waiting there listening
while VP6DX works EU instead of working other DX, sleeping, or doing
something productive!

I made my 160m QSO last Friday morning pretty easy, just woke up a
half hour before sunrise or so.  It would have been kind of stupid for
me to stay up all night to do that.


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