On 12/15/2012 Donald Greenbaum wrote:

> I don't understand the angst over a backlog of processing data during 
> the end of the year rush.  Unless the world really is going to end in 
> a week like the Mayans predicted.

> 73
> Don
> N1DG

Partly because those of us who have been watching have come to realize that 
LOTW was 1)Losing files - which the league finally admitted and 2)the 
processing rate is getting MUCH slower, to the point that the delay is getting 
longer and longer, on the rough order of 20-23 hours/day (most days).  The are 
currently at 10+ days - at THAT rate, we will be at 18 days for a file that is 
uploaded today, by that time, we'll be at 36 days.  If things are not fixed, in 
2-3 months, the backlog will be LONGER than your 3 months to get a card back

The issue is not even that.  I don't know if you are in the software business, 
I am, and a lot of people who are worried are also.  We are seeing the symptoms 
of a system that is in distress and in danger of failure.  We know that these 
kinds of problems are NOT usually a simple fix, and even if it is, there is 
significant testing needed.  The time to call for the ARRL to fix the problem 
is before the system fails.  

Think of it like the STS Challenger - the engineers were watching the O rings, 
and were saying 'there are problems, that seem to get worse at low temps, but 
management kept saying 'no problem'.  The trick is to SEE the problem BEFORE 
the system totally melts down

This is the system showing a cough, and maybe if we do something now, we can 
save it before it dies, instead of waiting for it to turn to pneumonia and 

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