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> The new country file is good enough that I would not import
> my old country file unless you want to import the qsl managers.

The country file also went through a significant QSL manager update, original
7K QSL manager file was cleaned up and added to, now 24K QSL managers.  So you
probably don't need to import this part either.

73 - Jim AD1C

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From [EMAIL PROTECTED]  Wed May 19 18:54:41 2004
Date: Wed May 19 18:57:16 2004
Subject: [Dx4win] Stop the "ad" on QSLs

I know it's there, but I can't find out how to cancel the "Verified and 
printed by DX4WIN" ad when printing QSL labels.  It changed when I upgraded 
to 6.03.


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