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> Over the years I've replaced the canned QSL managers with ones I had sucess
> with.
> I had thought that _all_ qsl managers were stored in dx4win.cty and nothing
> in the log file.

They are.

> If I use your dx4win.cty with the new managers, will I lose my
> "customization"?

Yes and no.  See next question.

> How can I choose which qsl manager (mine or yours) to use?

When you import QSL manager data, you can choose to wipe out all the existing
data, or just add to it.  However, if you just add to it, bad entries in your
old file (that I've since fixed) will reappear.

If you send me your DX4WIN.CTY file, I can merge your QSL manager data into the
master database, hopefully without restoring any of the errors.

73 - Jim AD1C

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From [EMAIL PROTECTED]  Wed May 19 21:38:48 2004
From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Cal Kutemeier)
Date: Wed May 19 21:36:35 2004
Subject: [Dx4win] 6.03 and Custom Award - TenTen

After upgrading, when I do a search via f8 for the custom award for the
TenTen award I get a listing of 10 meter QSOs in my Logbook screen.   When I
select the menu items "Reports" and then Ten Ten under Custom, I get no

The "Award" field for these QSOs says TenTen in the Logbook.  Both the
Awdstrng and Awdvalue fields display the TenTen number.

Does anyone have any hints on how I can get the "Reports" Custom TenTen to
display the TenTen numbers?


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