Good that you ask these questions, this battery can be dangerous…

E-puck has protection for the battery. I will cut of when there is 
over/under-voltage and over-current. For sure it only works when the battery is 
correctly placed in the e-puck and the electronic cannot do anything again 
direct shortcut of the battery likes in the situation you had.


The battery that suffered is now probably damaged (it depend the time is as 
been shortcut and the temperature it increased). If the battery is blowed up, 
it is for sure not usable. 

I suggest to not use anymore the battery. The more dangerous is if you try to 
charge it again…


Kind regards


Bonani Michael



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I had a problem with an epuck the other day:


I was putting the battery on the epuck after a recharge, when the protection in 
the positive pole of the battery was ripped off. This caused a battery short 
circuit, noticed by a suddunly increase of the battery's temperature. The epuck 
seems fine when I inserted another battery.


What I need to know is:


- does the epuck have some kind of protection against this kind of situations?

- Is the battery, who suffered the short circuit, "broken"? should I keep using 
the it?

- If I can use the battery again, should I glue the positive pole protection 
that was ripped off? What kind of glue should I use?


Thanks in advance for any replies




Duarte Dias

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