I have some of the default extensions -EJUMPERPROD- with the jumper1 BTE connector removed, but I'm finding these don't work as they should.

The problem is that the speaker doesn't work, even though I am connected to the spk+ and spk- signals from the main epuck. Also the reset button doesn't work properly and only resets for a very short time, not long enough for tinybld to be able to detect the PIC and so upload a hex file.

I've looked at the schematic for the default extension and inspected the PCB. The signals from the missing jumper are not needed for either of these things, and they don't connect to either the speaker or reset button. However, the jumper needs to be there for them to work.

I was wondering what could possibly be causing this to happen? I don't think it's damage caused by removing the connector, because I also have a single BTE connector on a breakout board and it's showing the same problems.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


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