Hi Giles,

I measured the battery's voltage and it was arround 4 V. I looked the
battery up on the internet and it said it should be arround 3.7V so it
seemed ok.

I used tape to keep the protection plate on.

I tried to charge the battery again. Evrything appeared fine.

I tried it on the epuck and the e-puck seemed to work. But there are some
positions the epuck wont work (ex. I need to insert the positive slightly to
the left).

Also the metal plate on the back is not fixed (the bellow part is ripped
off). Should I use super glue or something to put it fixed again? Because
this makes it very hard to put the battery on the epuck without damaging the
protection plate.


2011/6/8 Gilles Caprari <g.capr...@ieee.org>

> Hi,
> I agree with the previous answer of Michael.
> just another advice.
> if you have other batteries where the plus protection risks to come away,
> put some protection tape before.
> we have some description here:
> http://www.gctronic.com/doc/index.php/E-Puck#Battery_isolation
> regards,
> Gilles
> On 20:59, Duarte Dias wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I had a problem with an epuck the other day:
>> I was putting the battery on the epuck after a recharge, when the
>> protection in the positive pole of the battery was ripped off. This caused a
>> battery short circuit, noticed by a suddunly increase of the battery's
>> temperature. The epuck seems fine when I inserted another battery.
>> What I need to know is:
>> - does the epuck have some kind of protection against this kind of
>> situations?
>> - Is the battery, who suffered the short circuit, "broken"? should I keep
>> using the it?
>> - If I can use the battery again, should I glue the positive pole
>> protection that was ripped off? What kind of glue should I use?
>> Thanks in advance for any replies
>> Regards,
>> Duarte Dias
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