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>Subject: ixgbe: macvlan on PF/VF when SRIOV is enabled
>Hello Jeff,
>macvlan doesn't work on PF when SRIOV is enabled. Creating macvlan has
>been successful, but ping (icmp request) goes to VF interface not
>PF/macvlan even arp entry is correct. I patched ixgbe driver, and
>macvlan/PF has worked with the patch. But I am not sure whether it is
>right since I don't have the HW spec. What I did for ixgbe driver was:
>1. PF's rar index is 0, VMDQ index is adatper->num_vfs;
>2. VF's rar is based on rar_used_count and mc_addr_in_rar_count, VMDQ
>index is ;
>3. PF's secondary addresses is PF's rar index + i, VMDQ index is

As of 2.6.34 the ixgbe driver does not support multiple queues for macvlan.
Support for multiple queues for macvlan will come in a subsequent release.

>Before I submit the patch, I want to understand the right index
>assignment for both rar index and VMDQ index, when SRIOV enabled:
>1. VMDQ index for PF is adapter->num_vfs, or 0? rar index is 0?
>2. PF's secondary address rar index is based on
>2. VF's VPDQ index is based on vf number?
>3. VF's rar index is vf + 1, or should be based on rar_used_count?
>I am also working on macvlan on VF. The question here is whether macvlan
>on VF should work or not? Looks like ixgbevf secondary addresses are not
>in receiver address filter, so macvlan on VF doesn't work.

The VF driver does not support macvlan.  Future releases may but there
are no immediate plans to support it.

- Greg Rose
Intel Corp.
Lan Access Division


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