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>Subject: RE: ixgbe: macvlan on PF/VF when SRIOV is enabled
>On Tue, 2010-05-25 at 08:57 -0700, Rose, Gregory V wrote:
>> Just use ifconfig and vconfig utilities to set the MAC and VLAN for
>> each VF.  There shouldn't be any need for secondary addresses because
>> they're not like physical devices where each VF has a pre-programmed
>> HW MAC address.  The initial MAC address of each VF is generated on
>> the fly during the PF driver initialization. You can change it as you
>> see fit and then put the VF on a VLAN using vconfig.  After you do
>> that you have a macvlan filter for that VF.
>I run macvlan test not vlan. macvlan is used to give a second MAC
>address to a network adapter and see it as a new device at the higher
>levels. The command is used as follow:
>ip link add link eth4 address 54:52:00:35:e3:20 macvlan2 type macvlan
>It will create an interface name macvlan2 with above MAC address. In
>kernel, netdev eth4 maintains this secondary address.

Right, so what I'm saying is that if you load the VF driver it will create and 
<eth> interface for each VF you've created.  You can assign a MAC and VLAN to 
that <eth> interface and will get essentially the same behavior.

- Greg


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