On Mon, 2010-05-24 at 10:54 -0700, Rose, Gregory V wrote:
> We look forward to it and will be happy to provide feedback.
I have submitted the patch to make macvlan on PF works when SRIOV is

> One thing you can do is allocate VFs and then load the VF driver in
> your host domain and then assign each of them a macvlan filter.  You'd
> get a similar effect.

That's I am trying to make it work for macvlan on VFs in host domain. I
need to add VF secondary addresses in address filter, right?

Do you have any aggregation performance comparison between multiple
macvlans on PF and single macvlan per VF in host domain? I will run some
test to figure it out. If you have some data to share that would be



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