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>Subject: RE: ixgbe: macvlan on PF/VF when SRIOV is enabled
>On Mon, 2010-05-24 at 10:54 -0700, Rose, Gregory V wrote:
>> We look forward to it and will be happy to provide feedback.
>I have submitted the patch to make macvlan on PF works when SRIOV is
>> One thing you can do is allocate VFs and then load the VF driver in
>> your host domain and then assign each of them a macvlan filter.  You'd
>> get a similar effect.
>That's I am trying to make it work for macvlan on VFs in host domain. I
>need to add VF secondary addresses in address filter, right?

Just use ifconfig and vconfig utilities to set the MAC and VLAN for each VF.  
There shouldn't be any need for secondary addresses because they're not like 
physical devices where each VF has a pre-programmed HW MAC address.  The 
initial MAC address of each VF is generated on the fly during the PF driver 
initialization. You can change it as you see fit and then put the VF on a VLAN 
using vconfig.  After you do that you have a macvlan filter for that VF.

>Do you have any aggregation performance comparison between multiple
>macvlans on PF and single macvlan per VF in host domain?

No, we haven't done any performance testing of that particular sort but I 
imagine you should be able to get close to line rates using multiple VFs with a 
single macvlan filter for each.


- Greg


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