Hi all, 

In our organization we're planning on upgrading all our oldest systems to SL7 
by the end of the year.
This would mean we no longer have systems which have python 2.6 as their system 

This means that for our internal tools we can drop support for python2.6. This 
also makes it easier 
to write code that can work in python3 (perhaps after it has gone trough the 
py2to3 tool)

Now I am curious what system python is being used in other HPC institutes, so I 
have set up a 
doodle where you can let me know your python versions/plans.

If you would be so kind to fill this in it would give me a sense of what is 
going on in the 
python 2.x/3.x support landscape.

As a note: RHEL 5 is python 2.4, RHEL 5 is python 2.6, RHEL 7 is python 2.7


Jens Timmerman

Ps: as you might know EasyBuild dropped support to run on python 2.4 in version 
There aren't any plans on dropping 2.6, but this poll might give us some 

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