I know that the Federal Highways guys at the Resource Center Environment Team 
give great Section 7 and NEPA classes. Even though they're from DOT, they can 
easily teach classes that are general. I work for state government so we got 
about 20 people together and they came to us. I don't know exactly how an 
individual would go about getting training, but one of the following two guys 
should be able to point you in the right direction.


Brian Yanchik
104 Spring Meadows Drive 
Summerville, SC 29485
Ph: (443) 522-9446
Fax: (410) 962-3655

Section 7 - Endangered Species Act
Interagency Coordination
Biological Assessments
Wetland Functional Assessment


Kevin Moody
61 Forsyth Street, SW Suite 17T26
Atlanta, GA 30303
Ph: (404) 562-3618
Fax: (404) 562-3700

Analytic approaches, modeling, and QA/QC
Natural Resources Management
Risk and Natural Hazards Management
Communications and Environmental Management Systems
Adapting models for dispute resolution

Hope that helps.

Randall Phillips, QHP
Environmental Specialist III
TN Department of Environment and Conservation
Division of Water Pollution Control
Natural Resources Section
7th Floor, L&C Annex
401 Church St
Nashville, TN 37243
Office: 615.532.0645
Direct: 615.532.2334
Email: randal.phill...@tn.gov 

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I'm looking for opinions on the best venues for ESA (especially section 7) and 
NEPA training. If you've taken a course, either online or in person, and felt 
that it was both worthwhile and generally looked upon as favorable experience 
by employers I would really appreciate hearing about it. I'm especially 
interested in hearing from folks who work in consulting or for USFWS.

I'm interested in courses that cover the general outline of the laws, as well 
as courses that cover the paper-work aspect.



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