Back in the 90's I took a semester long course on Environmental Impact
Assessment, which is essentially NEPA.
The section 7 stuff is just part of the process.  Frankly, if you
purchased an EIA book and looked in the govt pubs at a few of the
DEIS, and EISs you would probably learn pretty quickly what is
involved.  However, before signing up for a class beware that there
are many incredulous organizations that offer what is basically a
waste of money.  Consider who is offering and teaching the courses
before you take them!   The wide range of environmental policy that
comes into play in the NEPA process frankly is sometimes best learned
by doing it!!! :)  Unsure if you are trying to get a consultant gig or
such, but if so, contact some of the consulting agencies and they can
probably give you good advice.


On Tue, Apr 24, 2012 at 7:06 PM, Lee Davis <> wrote:
> I'm looking for opinions on the best venues for ESA (especially section 7)
> and NEPA training. If you've taken a course, either online or in person,
> and felt that it was both worthwhile and generally looked upon as favorable
> experience by employers I would really appreciate hearing about it. I'm
> especially interested in hearing from folks who work in consulting or for
> I'm interested in courses that cover the general outline of the laws, as
> well as courses that cover the paper-work aspect.
> Thanks,
> Lee

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