On 17/10/15 23:20, Julien Puydt wrote:

Le 16/10/2015 18:36, Eugen Dedu a écrit :
First of all, I think it is essential to implement ONLY ONE METHOD,
completely and bug-free, so that it becomes usable by all users.  It
should especially be avoided to implement several protocols and none of
them working.  Better to have one protocol working in 2 months than all
of them working only in several years by now.  In my opinion, 200-400
lines dealing with chat backend can be later updated to another
protocol, if really needed.

The goal isn't to implement all protocols -- it's to build things
cleanly enough so it doesn't become a headache later.

Second point, currently we do not have enough man-power to implement all
the open chat protocols you mentioned.  I wonder if we will ever have,
knowing that there are other things in Ekiga which are more important in
my opinion (secure videoconferencing, Ekiga.net, multi-user conference,
echo cancelling etc. etc.)  Again, let's work on only one of them so
that a person can send a message to another one (one to one, not one to
many), in particular to the one he is doing videoconference with.

Yes, one implementation, but the framework must be sound and not get in
the way of a second.

This is exactly the point I wanted to address. I see that you do not agree with me, but I think it is better for Ekiga project to implement ONE protocol/framework as fast and simple as possible, and only when you or someone else wants to implement another protocol, change the code/framework so that both can coexist gracefully.

Of course, if the code/framework has almost the same complexity (e.g. 10 lines more and no additional class/variable), then it is fine to think at a global framework right now. But, after reading characteristics of the protocols you cited, I see that they are too different (one to one / one to many, create rooms or not, nickname / account, room titles or not, presence, history etc.)

To resume, I suggest to implement something functional in a short time, instead of having a currently-good global framework with a more complex code and only one implementation and which takes more time.

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