> First of all thank you very much for such a wonderful software.

Glad you like it! And thanks for getting back with questions -- this
is how a community is built and grows :-)

> 1. Is there any way already implemented for load balancing in Elasticluster?

I'm not sure what you mean by "load balancing" here -- can you please
describe the feature you would like in a bit more detail?

> 2. Is there way to install or use some pre- or post scripts to install or
> configure softwares on the cluster? I want to install some softwares on
> default AMI and mount EFS mount to it for use.

There are basically two ways of doing this:

a. Prepare additional Ansible playbooks to run alongside
ElastiCluster's own ones. You can run the additional playbooks in two

* either specify them as additional arguments to `elasticluster setup`, e.g.::

        elasticluster setup my-cluster -- /path/to/my/playbook.yml

  This will run `playbook.yml` through Ansible *after* other
ElastiCluster playbooks have run, so you can do post-install actions.

* or install from source and override the `before.yml` and `after.yml`
playbooks in the `elasticluster/share/playbooks` directory.

b. Use a VM snapshot as a starting point so you can customize it to
your liking. (This is the approach you seem to have already taken, see
below for additional comments.)

> I had preconfigured AMI with EFS mount on /etc/fstab with some preinstalled
> softwares but launching it with Elasticluster is giving some problems. Is
> there any specific way that AMI should be built?

This would be approach b. above, and it is certainly meant to be supported.

It's hard to say why it isn't working for you without additional details:
what playbook / cluster setup are you running? what error(s) are you getting?

Hope this helps!


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