An additional "By The Way" comment - Windows normally sets the last installed soundcard as the default. Your U7 soundcard was likely set to be default when it was installed. You can set the default back to the internal soundcard (the NVIDIA) if you are trying to use the U7 with LP-Pan2.


On 9/18/2016 9:40 AM, MaverickNH wrote:

I do find the Serial Port for the K3S as COM7, and also have a ASUS Xonar U7
external card on COM3, running through a LP-PAN2 I'm also working to
configure. That's a somewhat separate topic.

I have several sound cards, it seems. My Windows 10 PC Device Manager lists:
High Definition Audio Device
NVIDA High Definition Audio Device (from a G-Force audio/video card, 4
separate lines in Device Manager)
NVIDA Virtual Audio Device (that NVIDA card again)
USB Audio CODEC (likely the K3S)
Xonar U7 (an external card)

At present, my default devices are:
Playback - Headphones Xonar U7
Recording - Line Xonar U7

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