I do find the Serial Port for the K3S as COM7, and also have a ASUS Xonar U7
external card on COM3, running through a LP-PAN2 I'm also working to
configure. That's a somewhat separate topic.

I have several sound cards, it seems. My Windows 10 PC Device Manager lists:
High Definition Audio Device
NVIDA High Definition Audio Device (from a G-Force audio/video card, 4
separate lines in Device Manager)
NVIDA Virtual Audio Device (that NVIDA card again)
USB Audio CODEC (likely the K3S)
Xonar U7 (an external card)

At present, my default devices are:
Playback - Headphones Xonar U7
Recording - Line Xonar U7

I see the USB Audio CODEC as, not default, but "Ready" under:
Playback - Speakers 3 - USB Audio CODEC
Recording - Microphone  3 - USB Audio CODEC

When WSJT-X/WSPR-2 Mode is TXing (both the full 2min WSPR-2 mode TX and the
short 2-3sec tune-up TX tone), I see some bars turn green to the right of
the Playback - Speakers 3 - USB Audio CODEC entry, suggesting the the K3S
card is enabled, despite the Xonar U7 setting as default.

As Don suggests, I went to the K3S Playback - Speakers 3 - USB Audio CODEC
and saw the Level was 100%, so I cut that back to 20%, which gives ALC 4
bars with flickering 5 bars. Advanced Tab shows format to be 16 bit, 44100
Hz (CD Quality). Unlike the Xonar U7 card, there is no 192 KHz option.

For the K3S Recording - Microphone  3 - USB Audio CODEC I have that set at
50%. That slider and the WSJT-X slider for digital gain are interactive. I
can set the max on the PC and back it down on the app, or lower on the PC
and bump it up on the app.

Unlike when I was using a FT-897D, the short 2-3sec TUNE tone between band
hops doesn't trigger the ATU when set to AUTO (I'm running 5.0W). Nor is the
ATU triggered when in the 2min WSPR-2 mode TX cycle. With WSJT-X TX, the K3S
red TX LED lighs, and now I see ALC bars, but no power indication as when
pressing the K3S TUNE button. But I my WSPR-2 mode TX is being heard and
logged in WSPRnet (N4SRN) so there is RF power out.

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