Do not set the K3S CODEC to be the default soundcard - the default soundcard will be the one that plays sounds from the OS (Windows Sounds), and those sounds should not be transmitted on the air.

The "Recording" setting level is audio from the K3S to the computer (not K3S recording). Use that level as well as the K3S LINE OUT level to adjust the waterfall display brightness.

Look at those soundcard settings (Input and Output) from the perspective of the computer and not the K3S. Even though the soundcard is in the K3S, it is still the "property" of the computer - the same as any other external soundcard.


On 9/18/2016 9:40 AM, MaverickNH wrote:
I see the USB Audio CODEC as, not default, but "Ready" under:
Playback - Speakers 3 - USB Audio CODEC
Recording - Microphone  3 - USB Audio CODEC

When WSJT-X/WSPR-2 Mode is TXing (both the full 2min WSPR-2 mode TX and the
short 2-3sec tune-up TX tone), I see some bars turn green to the right of
the Playback - Speakers 3 - USB Audio CODEC entry, suggesting the the K3S
card is enabled, despite the Xonar U7 setting as default.

As Don suggests, I went to the K3S Playback - Speakers 3 - USB Audio CODEC
and saw the Level was 100%, so I cut that back to 20%, which gives ALC 4
bars with flickering 5 bars. Advanced Tab shows format to be 16 bit, 44100
Hz (CD Quality). Unlike the Xonar U7 card, there is no 192 KHz option.

For the K3S Recording - Microphone  3 - USB Audio CODEC I have that set at
50%. That slider and the WSJT-X slider for digital gain are interactive. I
can set the max on the PC and back it down on the app, or lower on the PC
and bump it up on the app.

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