I now use Amphenol PL-259's or "UHF male" sliver-plated connectors with gold-plated center pins and PFTE insulation from "Dave's Hobby Shop" #721405422210 ...$4.95.

I am buying almost all my connectors from Dave's: http://www.daveshobbyshop.com/
Quite often at a savings in price and very rapid shipping.

Another comment on elbow adapters: I initially used a gold-plated sma male elbow on the 2m connection for my KX3 wondering why output was low. I switched to using a short run of .141 rigid coax with sma connectors and get less loss. Elbow adaptors of any type (even N-connectors) can be lossy.

73, Ed - KL7UW
    "Kits made by KL7UW"
Dubus Mag business:

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