If you are hearing static, then you have enough sensitivity. It sounds like the problem may be a very local source of noise which is drowning out the signals at your QTH, while your friend is far enough away from that source to not be bothered by it. Try using a portable radio to search for the static source.

73 Bill AE6JV

On 10/12/16 at 5:46 PM, kc6...@gmail.com (KC6CNN) wrote:

I am curious why a fellow ham and I who both live within two blocks of each
other and have the same wire antenna, Except mine is a little higher. I have
the K3 and he has a Kenwood and Yaesu and he is working people on 10 meters
while I can only hear static. The same goes for 6 meters. I think I have
worked maybe two stations on 10 meters. Those were the ones I heard. It the
stock K3 sensitivity that far behind the others on 10 meters?

Thanks in advance
Gerald - KC6CNN
Bill Frantz        | I don't have high-speed      | Periwinkle
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