Re #3: I never have either. While a thorough analysis of "To Preamp or Not to Preamp" is complex and very situational, the antenna check is really a very good indicator:

Remove the antenna and note the noise produced by the K3. Connect the antenna. If the noise rises, adding a preamp at the radio isn't likely to do much for you. At the antenna, it can compensate for loss in the transmission line, but that's not likely very high on 10m or even 6m unless your coax is very long or full of water.

My experience is: When the noise rises by connecting the antenna and I still can't hear the signals, I need a better antenna. [:-)


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On 10/13/2016 5:46 AM, Bill W4ZV wrote:
1.  Is your PREamp turned on for 10m?  Hopefully you don't accidentally have
RX ANT activated.
2.  Please describe your antenna in more detail, including orientation.
3.  I've never needed a preamp on 10m in the 8 years I've had a K3, but my
antenna system has a lot of gain.

73,  Bill  W4ZV

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