How old is the K3? I bought the PR6-10 from a ham who was upgrading to the KXV3B. It made my K3 (SN 4340) circa 2010 much better on 10m and 6m. I even copied some 6m-eme* signals with the PR6-10 using my 6-element yagi in August of 2015.

I now have a 6m GasFet preamp at tower top and it is a little bit better but only noticeably on 6m-eme. It has a little more gain so my s-meter runs higher with noise, but on terrestrial contacts can't say its any better than the PR6-10 (which also helps 10m). Before getting either preamp 10m was pretty quiet of signals (with Hygain TH3mk4).

What is interesting is my KX3 does as well or maybe slightly more sensitive on 6m (of course with internal preamp on).

*Note: now QRV on 6m-eme with 900w.

73, Ed - KL7UW
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