Sorry, but the NB doesnt work even on statics caused by rain or snow.
I really think that it doesnt work.
I tried it ON and with different settings, but no way to appreciate it.
If it work on impulse woodpeaker noise i dont care: woodpeaker doesnt exist 
But today we have other radar noises on which the K3S doesnt work.
So it seem to me useless.
Also, the noise reduction of NR is really limited, not great results using  
But, please say me: on your K3 do you sometime use NB and NR? And how you 
regulated them in the menu?

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A noise blanker will work best on impulse noise - such as automotive 
ignition noise or lightning spikes. It needs a fast pulse rise time to 

A noise blanker works by punching a hole in the signal - and if the 
holes are too wide or too frequent, you will find what is left of the 
signal path to be distorted.

A noise blanker will not work on band noise or other forms of more 
constant noise. That is what Noise Reduction is for.

Noise Reduction works on correlation - the algorithm looks for what 
might be a real signal and builds a filter around it.


On 10/13/2016 8:11 AM, Gian Luca Cazzola wrote:
> I am tha satisfied owner of an Elecraft K3S. I think that for a cw operator 
> (I work 99percent CW) it is a great rig, can be the absolute best on the ham 
> rigs market.
> It has only a really poor noise blanker.
> I live in a town, downtown. I have noise from residential electric lights or 
> other electrical gears. I see on my P3 panadaptor‎ noise from radar or other 
> military wide trasmission.
> On none of these noises the NB work.
> I tried different NB setting, but each, IF NB and DSP NB, none of them reduce 
> really noises.
> Only NR seem to have a limited little effective ‎ result on band noise.
> I would like your opinion about NB and NR and know from K3 es K3S owners 
> living ‎in town how they set them.
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