On 13/10/16 20:40, Arie Kleingeld PA3A wrote:

> As far as mic-audio is concerned: how much hi-fi can you put through a
> 2.5kHz bandwidth SSB signal?

Not much. But there's more to microphone quality than frequency response.

1. Plosives. Will the mic handle poppy 'p' sounds without overloading?

2. Directionality. Is it directional? If not, you'll get more shack
reverberation, fan noise and reflections from the desk (causing comb
filter notches in the response).

3. Proximity effect. Will the mic increase LF as you get closer to it?
If it's directional, yes it will, unless it's one of the Electro-Voice
Variable-D types or similar. Omnis don't have proximity effect.

4. Handling noise. If hand-held, how much unwanted noise is generated as
you move around?

5. Screening. Is it adequately screened? If not, it may be more prone to
RF feedback.

Richard G4DYA
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