As an aside, the 3 kHz peak goes back well before SSB was popular. It was
determined to be the optimum peak response for communications. For example,
the famous D-104 with its original crystal element from the early 1930's
featured just that peak. 

As others mentioned, any electret element sold today has a frequency
response far better than any communications circuit can use. For example, I
have a $4.00 Radio Shack electret element that is flat from 70 Hz to over 10

Of course, any decent SSB rig will limit the audio bandwidth to between 300
Hz and about 2.7 kHz. If you are really serious about getting the boost
around 3 kHz an Elecraft K3, K3S or KX3 can have the Tx equalizer set up to
provide that for you. 

73, Ron AC7AC

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