I have spent may years in “hi end” audio… some building some selling some just 
fooling around. Does wire matter? is there a difference between tubes and soild 
state? Can I hear 20K? does it matter if I can’t hear 20K? Why build a wide 
band amp if you can hear it?

All these questions really don't matter one bit.

The ONLY question the listener need ask…

Do I LIKE how it sounds?

That's it folks, no more no less.

Simplistic… yep sure is. 

A few years back I was attending an audio show in Denver with a few “audio” 
friends. We would typically visit different rooms together and give a listen to 
the various systems in each room. 
To my surprise, we all had different ideas about what system sounded good.
I like room 990 but Glen said it sucked.
He liked the system in 512 but to me it nearly drove me to drinking.
Chris loved 234 but the rest of us were sure he was ready for the funny farm.

We all “hear” differently…
I love how my K3 sounds with high end speakers left and right side... and a 
fine digital amp that drives the speakers.
I eq the crap out of the K3 after 8K and set the tone of my CW note to 440… 
Near a natural “C”.
to me that sounds easy and warm.

But to my old ears the best tone in the world was and is a fine old Drake or a 
Collins pure analog signal run thru a nice 8" alnico speaker in an open baffle.

That, to me, is simply the best.

Santa Fe
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