Of course the room in which the speaker is used has a huge effect too. 

I dread to think we'd require anechoic chambers for Hamshacks! 

73 Ron AC7AC

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Wow Phil, right on.  My first career was a buyer for an audio chain.  I 
listened to everything they brought in.  My assistant and my secretary and I 
NEVER agreed on what system sounded best. I would think a speaker that is 
reasonably flat from 200 hz to maybe 5khz with low mechanical distortion and 
good power handling would provide a decent baseline.  
After that - your warm tones are my screeching trebles; your full bass is my 
headache- inducing low range.

I use a quality, small bookshelf speaker and then use the K3's equalizer to 
make the sound fill into the peaks and valleys of my ear's response curve.

$50 would probably net you a pair of small Sony, Polk, KLH, JBL or even Pyle. 
New or used - you can't beat a nice rigid box with a woofer and a tweeter.

Other interesting options are line-out to a Bluetooth audio source and then to 
one of the many Bluetooth wireless speaker systems.  Or to a small stereo hifi 
amplifier. The K3 has stereo line output - a nice pair of bookshelf speakers 
left and right would definitely give you the best sound the K3/K3s is capable 
of producing (especially the K3s or an upgraded K3).

A good audio setup will amaze you when you talk to another properly adjusted 
radio with a good microphone.  There is a very broad range in the quality of 
signals on HF SSB.  From dreadful to beautiful.  I recommend setting up your 
station for the very best receive quality your radio can produce - which in the 
case of the K3, is substantial.

Doug -- K0DXV

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