Virtually all UPS units include MOVs, so have all of the destructive possibilities of MOV power strips. If you're going to use a UPS (and I do), it should be plugged into a shunt-mode surge protector (SurgeX, Zero Surge, or Brick wall).

73, Jim K9YC

On 2/22/2018 9:10 AM, Gary Smith wrote:
I have an older Staco Energy UPS I've
never used, bought it at Dayton a couple
years back. Weighs a ton from the lead
acid batteries inside, need to put another
plug on it, it comes with a 30 amp 120V
plug and the house wiring doesn't support
that. I need to find an owners manual for
it as well, looks like there is a USB port
involved & it didn't come with a manual.
After getting the whole house protector I
should probably attach this to the stereo.

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