I had the same problem, plus my output on 160 and 80 was low.

I just had the radio back for warranty service, and they turned it around in 
just a few days.  I was very pleased.

73, Jim N7US

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This is an old subject but with a new wrinkle.  Although I'm observing a drift 
in power on all bands (and modes) after a band or power adjustment, it's 
ridiculously slow on 17-meters.  It's taking 5-10 seconds to stabilize.

Any change, such as switching to another band and back again or a minor change 
in power starts the process over.  This is particularly annoying on RTTY AFSK 
A.  (Please no lectures on how Elecraft ALC is different from other radios, 
I've been running AFSK RTTY for 10 years with K3s.)  Using the KPA500 power 
graph as an expanded proxy for the K3S output power, I'm seeing a change from 
about 50 watts to 500 watts after an adjustment. On CW the first dit is about 

I reran the power calibration and this appeared to fix it initially but the 
issue returned.  This was particularly annoying when I was running a digital 
mode and saw that I was hitting the amp harder than desired.  I tried adjusting 
power during the transmission and it practically dropped to zero before slowly 
climbing.  Getting a precise level is difficult.

Wes  N7WS

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