Yes, you will find the SubRX will be a benefit for working DX - similar to the dual watch on the KX2 - although the K3/K3X subRX will provide a lot more capability, monitoring other bands with the subRX (with VFO IND menu set on is just one 'for instance'). The P3 also adds another layer of helpfulness for DX or contesting operation. It helps you to know where and when to transmit when trying to snag that elusive DX station.


On 3/13/2018 7:24 PM, Dave Fugleberg wrote:
I’ve always had a single receiver, modest antennas, and 100 watts, and have
worked many of the DXpeditions over the years. However, it seems like it’s
getting more difficult lately to figure out the pileups just by listening.
I don’t know if it’s the ‘constant callers’ that keep calling while the DX
is working someone else, or the fact that some of the DX is hopping around
without a discernible pattern (perhaps clicking on a panadapter to work the
station that’s in the clear at that moment). Maybe my skills at reading the
pileup are no longer sufficient (not that I have ever been a DX expert).
Anyhow, I’m thinking about trying some of these newer ideas like a local
skimmer and/or a sub receiver.
Just for fun last night, I tried listening to the 3C0W pileup with my KX2,
using the ‘dual watch’ capability that’s built in. I found it was pretty
easy to find the station working the DX that way, so maybe a sub receiver
for the K3 would be worthwhile.
Maybe I’ll have to visit one of my friends who already has the sub to try
it out.
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