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   After the first loggers had cleared a path through the northern Coast Range they left open areas between the climax cedar and hemlock forests. Homesteaders filled these areas spending years clearing out the stumps and snags. Once a field was cleared they plowed it and tried growing crops. They raised dairy cattle and a few sheep. Grass hay was cut for fodder and fruit trees planted around the perimeter. Almost all of these homesteads are now gone, buried by the second and third growth of trees. Each year another one is knocked down by the logging companies to prevent liability claims. Where there used to be small communities of settlers there are now only stories.

   The village of Bacona, only two miles from me, now consists of one house with a few outbuildings. The only evidence of the homes which once stood in my area are the daffodils blooming in seemingly random locations. The crop which thrives in these conditions is trees just like it was when we arrived. However, Douglas Fir has replaced the climax forest species with a faster growing, succession tree.

  Propagation has been enhanced by a new supply of ions.  The solar wind has kicked up this week with lots of aurora around the world.  I'm too far from the magnetic north pole to see any but the most intense. When I lived in Wisconsin they were much more common.  There have been a few clear nights recently but only a little star gazing.

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