On 4/10/2018 3:21 PM, Jim Brown wrote:
I'm probably the source of this, although W8JI and W4TV have also
raised this issue. See comments below.

>>   Does that negative rail need to be bonded to the chassis?
> No, and in general, it should NOT be bonded.

You *DO NOT WANT* the station bonding ("ground") and the V- rail to
be interconnected.  If you allow that to happen, particularly at
the transceiver and power supply, the station ground becomes an
alternate return for the high current pulses during transmit.

When the station bonding is allowed to "float" with the high current
pulses any other accessory connected to the bonding (particularly
"linear" bonding) sees a varying ground reference level which
contributes to "RF feedback" as that varying reference "pumps"
(excites) any pin 1 problem in the device.

Keep all of the transmitter power supply return current confined to
the power cable between the rig and the power supply. Make sure all
power supply connections are tight and all power cords as short as
possible.  Always use the largest practical wire for all power cords.
If possible, use twisted pair cables, *bolted* connections (like
on the Astron RS/VS series power supplies) and multiple, parallel
pin connections in any power connectors.


   ... Joe, W4TV

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