You need to deploy the Ohm Eater to get rid of those pesky, excess Ohms....

BUT, be careful....their "droppings" can be toxic to the ruby throated
The hairy clawed Volt is however,  immune.

Charlie k3ICH

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Running a heavy power supply line with a lighter gauge wire at the radio end
OR a lighter wire at the power supply end, the overall net supply resistance
(and voltage drop) will be the same.
For example, 100 Ohms in series with 1 Ohm equals 101 Ohms net total

Likewise 1 Ohm in series with 100 Ohms is still 101 Ohms.

It doesn't matter if you take the voltage drop at the input or at the output
end of the power run if the total load is at the end of the run.

I checked with Dr. Ohm to verify this.  :-)

Jim - W4RKS

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