My 70amp Astron has 1/4" lugs and they seem to make a secure connection.
Do to my longer lead length (power supply on floor) I used 8ga wire. This
was difficult to stuff into the K3S sized PowerPole. Even with the shorter
leads that I use on contest expeditions along with a switching power
supply I found that I need 10ga wire to keep the voltage above 13.5 on TX.
I think that larger PowerPoles or studs would have been nicer for those
interested in keeping the K3S voltage in the desirable range. Double as
Joe suggested would also work if you wanted to run two sets of wires.

John KK9A

Joe Subich, W4TV wrote:

Ohms Law!  If the transceiver power supply cable is short and heavy
guage with multiple contact pins (or #10 - 1/4" bolted terminals)
and #10 or 14" bolted terminals on the power supply, the impedance
of the desired path in the power supply cable will be much, much
less than the path through control cables (#16-#22 wires with
single small pins) and any accessories.

Elecraft/Astron come close with their power supply connection.  I
would appreciate it if the transceiver had bolted connections or
at least double up the power poles and move from #12 to #10 cable.
Doubling up on the power poles would allow using two (#12) cables
further reducing the impedance (and voltage drop) of the desired


    ... Joe, W4TV

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