On Thursday, 12 April 2018 17:18:12 CEST D. R. Evans wrote:
> Johan Ymerson wrote on 04/12/2018 08:48 AM:
> > 32-bit Linux is pretty dead as OS on desktops/laptops. Sure, many embedded
> ??
> I have several 32-bit Linux desktop boxes here, all working perfectly.
> Including the shack computer.
>   Doc -- N7DR

Sure there are 32-bit desktops out there, therefor I wrote pretty dead, not 
completely dead ;-)
Two years ago, Ubuntu did a poll and 92% answered they used the 64-bit 
version. Now that is hardly representative for all distributions, but on the 
other hand it was two years ago...
Maintaining a 32-bit desktop is getting harder and harder. Bugs that only 
affect i386 is getting more common as hardly anyone testing new versions run 
i386. And the 3GB memory per process limit is starting to be a real issue.
The larger distributions will probably drop i386 support in a year or two.


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