On 2018-04-12 14:05, Dr N.W. Filardo wrote:
On 2018-04-11 20:36, Joseph Koshy wrote:
Could you please let us know if the tree fails to build (or
clean) on your OS version?

Looks good from here.

Whoop, spoke too soon.  On FreeBSD, I get

make: "../mk/../mk/elftoolchain.inc.mk" line 23: Inconsistent operator for install
make: stopped in /mnt/mainline/elftoolchain/common

which I think means that line 23 in elftoolchain.inc.mk,

install incinstall::    ${DESTDIR}${INCSDIR}/${inc}

needs to be replaced with the pair of lines

install:        ${DESTDIR}${INCSDIR}/${inc}
incinstall:     ${DESTDIR}${INCSDIR}/${inc}

Secondly, upon closer investigation, I don't think libelftc/make-toolchain-version is doing the right thing for out-of-tree builds. While the make rule now gives that script the -o path specifying the output, it still uses ${TOP}, which is incorrect, as it's a relative path and will be interpreted relative to the object directory. If one has both git and svn installed, this will generate "svn:Unversioned directory" since `svnversion` does not output the empty string as the script expects. If one does not have svn installed, the script will abort,
causing a build failure.

I had used ${.PARSEDIR} in my original patch, but that's not as widely supported as I might have hoped. Some other mechanism must be identified to find the source tree, or the script
must be modified to not fail if both attempts fail, or somesuch.


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