nwf> Whoop, spoke too soon.  On FreeBSD, I get
nwf> make: "../mk/../mk/elftoolchain.inc.mk" line 23: Inconsistent operator
nwf> for install
nwf> make: stopped in /mnt/mainline/elftoolchain/common

Thanks for the heads-up. This should be fixed in [r3602]
for FreeBSD.

I haven't got around to checking the other *BSDs yet.

nwf> Secondly, upon closer investigation, I don't think
nwf> libelftc/make-toolchain-version is doing the
nwf> right thing for out-of-tree builds.

Oops, this should be fixed by [r2601].

nwf> I had used ${.PARSEDIR} in my original patch, but that's
nwf> not as widely supported as I might have hoped.

Yes, ${.PARSEDIR} and ${.PARSEFILE} are relatively new, and
are not supported by all the *BSD OSes yet.

Joseph Koshy

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