I’ve trying to create a kind of runner for a set of components, where each 
component runs on a separate node, and each component is an independent 

I’ve stolen code from the swarm cluster tests, and I’m successfully 
creating nodes which seem to contain the Elixir runtime.

As I initialize each node, I make it File.cd into the application’s 

However, inside the node, it can’t find the mix.exs file, and so I can’t 
load the app and its dependencies.

Here we are after doing a user switch into the slave node:

iex(wombat@> *ls*
.git           .gitignore     README.md      _build         assets         
deps           lib            *mix.exs*        mix.lock       test
iex(wombat@> *Mix.Project.get*

It feels like I’m making this too difficult: there must be an easier way to 
kick off applications. If not, any ideas on my directory issue?



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