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> Also maybe you don't know but I've created Elm-UI <http://elm-ui.info>
> just for the same reason: to quickly build stuff from the same components
> just like Bootstrap. And it solves many of the problems that seems you are
> facing, the downside of it is that it's not in the official repository
> because well it "doesn't play nice". It uses the standard TEA where
> components with their own state and I think that is just fine it doesn't
> need to be more simple or complicated then that. And the communication is
> solved by allowing the components to publish messages to anyone who is
> subscribing to them.

I know about Elm-UI, I actually looked a little bit at it when I evaluated
the options I had when I started the projects who's death I documented in
the other thread.
To be honest, it felt even more riskier to go with that than it did to go

elm-ui project also shows the impact of not using an official way on
contributions. A lot more people contributed to elm-mdl than to elm-ui.
Now, this might be because this is how you want it (similar to what Evan
does for the core) but somehow I think that this might not be the case.

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