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> So the question is -- if you treat a TEA program as just a piece of data,
> a four-piece record which does nothing (until you run it with
> Html.program), can you define any standard operations which can take two
> TEA programs and be guaranteed to give you another TEA program?  If there
> were such an operation that operation would be closed.  In the mathematical
> sense.  I think what Peter D. was arguing for.

Yes, that is the point.

Right now, main accepts Html, if the output of `Platform.program` would be
`Html`, then this would constitute a component that could be mixed with
other components and could also be used as the value for `main`.

programWithFlags could become just a regular function that would mimic the
API of a regular component (config -> Html msg)
programWithFlags : Flags -> Html msg

Maybe Html would not be the best name, maybe UI would be better. The idea
being that one would have a way to talk about this things just as
pleasantly as they can talk about html components.

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