> If nothing is wrong with Web Components, why not use them?
>> There are a ton of them 
>> <https://elements.polymer-project.org/browse?package=paper-elements> you 
>> could use right now, for MDL in particular, that work right off the shelf.
> You make it sound like it's a trivial thing for a beginner to integrate 
> Polymer with Elm and hit the ground running. 
> I seriously doubt that this is the case but I'll take another look at the 
> projects that have attempted to do this. :) 

   1. npm install Polymer
   2. Add <link rel="import" href="/node_modules/Polymer/polymer.html"/> to 
   your index.html
   3. Add this before the script that imports your elm.js: <script>
   // register an element
   MyElement = Polymer({is: 'my-element',
   created: function() { this.textContent = 'My element!'; }
   4. In your Elm code, run Html.node "my-element" [] []

I just tried this and it worked. :)


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