On Sun, Oct 16, 2016 at 12:01 PM, John Orford <john.orf...@gmail.com>
> I think we are almost past humming and hawing about whether to use Elm for
> future projects. The caveats you hear about using Elm, will be ancient
> history.
> What is the official, recommended and documented way to do layout and
styling in Elm?

Elm is on the right road but basic front end concerns are still not
officially addressed.

So yeah, a reasonably advanced front-end developer could integrate Elm into
their projects by using the familiar technologies (HTML+CSS+JS) and adding
bits of solid implementations with Elm BUT, starting in Elm and staying in
Elm is still so far into the future that I would not dare venture a guess
as to when will that be available.
It will happen tho, it is unavoidable. I was recently watching a talk about
CSS4 Grid layout and realize that, at least in theory, that functionality
could be implemented in Elm and made to work in a large percentage of the
browsers way faster than it would take for the official technology to be
adopted. Same with web components. :)
Elm could be the ultimate polyfill. :)

I would like to end by saying that you are not alone in perceiving Elm as
being more far along than it actually is.
There was this poll
<https://twitter.com/luke_dot_js/status/777328702820671488> that shows that
Elm users are way to optimistic about how far Elm has come.
I think we are still in the innovation phase, well bellow the 2.5% mark.
If someone has hard data that shows otherwise, I would love to be proven

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