Marcin Borkowski <> writes:

> On 2015-10-25, at 17:37, Nicolas Goaziou <> wrote:
>> I cannot think of any bad consequence if we tailor "border" in
>> `org-emphasis-regexp-components' to allow everything but white spaces.
> I don't know, I guess I would welcome such change!

Done in b4af3f0. We'll see what horrible things happen.

> I see. It was only a proposal. Another possibility could be XML's
> <code> ... </code>. Or maybe the whole idea of short and long syntax
> is bad.

IMO, the latter.

> But I'm afraid that if we want "lightweight markup", we might get
> "impossible to mark up certain strings" (like Emacs keystrokes, which
> are sometimes rather weird, like =C-x ,= - which is unbound by
> default, but possible to use).

The point of escaping mechanism is to extend the set of possible
strings, at the price of a lesser readability. We could see what such
a mechanism could give us.


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