Nicolas Goaziou <> writes:

> Hello,
> I'd like to see some features moving forward, and some important issues
> fixed, hopefully, in the next months. I'm sharing them here so that
> anyone interested can help.
> ** Annotations
> It would be nice to allow annotating text in Org. I already made
> a proposal for that feature a few months ago, without much success.
> Anyway, I'd like to implement it, in a simplified form. For the record,
> the idea is to use some markup for beginning and end of an annotation,
> e.g.,
>   [@:id].....[@]
> and store text within a dedicated section,
>   * Annotations
>   [@:id] ...
> Like footnotes, you could easily browse remotely annotations at point.
> However, they would be, at least at the beginning, completely ignored
> during export.


As an editor, I would use annotations a lot.  Sometimes an annotation
would be a comment on the text, meant to remind the author of some fact
or to suggest some other point of view.  Other times the annotation
would suggest an alternate wording.  In this case, it would be super
helpful to have a function that replaced annotated text with the
annotation, so the author could easily accept the editor's suggestion.

Would annotations also apply to source code blocks?

All the best,

Thomas S. Dye

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